Going on this Website was a bad idea

I think it is best you leave

Ok, go on now shoo.

You do not need to know about me.

There is nothing special about this website.

You can go now.

You aren't leaving aren't you.

*Sighs in exasperation*

Well then.


My name: you do not need to know

My age: you also do not need to know

My gender: you still do not need to know

But I am human, ok?

(thought you needed to know)

Anyways I don't know what this is site is about.

The only people who end up here are

But other than that Welcome again! As you can obviously (not) tell from the photo above, I am a book reader. So my emotions are all over the place and (lets be dead serious here) my puns are on point

My book choices are mainly fantasy and adventure books.

You know what I might actually have an idea of what I should do on this Website,

and it's something to do about books...

...I should really put this on private